Peach Teats

The  Peach Teat allows no more fluid to pass through it than a cow’s udder naturally would, allowing the calf to suckle more intensely than conventional technology. This stimulates the flow of saliva and improves the PH-level in the stomach and leads to better digestion.
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ANB Veterinary Wholesalers is your trusted supplier of an extensive range of veterinary wholesale, companion-animal and farming products to sub-Saharan Africa. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality service and broad knowledge in the treatment of animals. We have an online store where you can browse and order our products. Due to our extensive product range our website will continue to grow in the coming months as we add more of our products.

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Companion Animals

It is common knowledge that the human race and civilization is measured by how they treat their animals. Make sure that your best friend is in the best possible condition at all times.


Food security, sustainability and profitability starts with livestock, adhere to all the rules to make sure that your stock is managed to give the ultimate return on investment.


Africa and South Africa is known for the large and impressive variety of its game in the last 20 years this portion of farming has been growing in leaps and bounds, for both the viewing and hunting fraternity. With this comes diseases and pests related to domestication. Ensure that you are aware of these and act pro actively.


Game birds have multi-purpose uses. Ostrich meat is renown for low cholesterol diets, and we have beautiful diversity to watch. To be able to optimize the life span and usefulness, one has to make sure your birds are healthy at all times.

Poultry and Ostriches

Chicken is not only one of the fastest growing forms of protein ,but also one of the most popular world wide ,with millions of birds slaughtered annually and billions of eggs eaten. It is very important to manage your  birds with ultimate precision in order to make it profitable and avoid huge disaster.


We all know that this is an evil that we have to use with extreme care and also that without it we would not be able to farm at all. The obvious answer is to make sure you use reliable, tested products from reliable sources and administer them in the correct way on the correct product to minimize danger to our environment.


This is the most underrated form of protecting your animal, probably because you cannot see the germs or the effects they cause. In our industry, one can eliminate 75 % of disease with regular and proper disinfecting. So please enquire and buy the correct product for peace of mind.


ANB Vet endeavours to stock large quantities of product and deliver them in the shortest possible time to the customer in order to assist them in running their business as effectively as they should.

Our partners

For 22 years, ANB Vet has partnered with the manufacturers of animal medicine, instruments and supplements. We are accredited wholesalers for most of the large multinationals and our cold chain and general management is above reproach. We are licensed by the MCC, Department of Health and the Pharmacy Council.

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